Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello...let me introduce myself...

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself since I am new to blogging.

I decided to try and do a blog on books since I absolutely love, love, love reading! I have a youtube account already, but sometimes there are just things that I want to say that just doesn't warrant making a video. So....I thought this would be the next step after youtube...

I have been following quite a number of book blogs lately and it has really lit the fire under my *ahem* to get started on this. Some of the book bloggers that I adore are:

Lady Violet

Chapter Chicks

The Story Siren

just to name a few. I will highlight other book bloggers (and vloggers) in other posts on this site later on.

So, what I plan to do with this blog is to post reviews, hauls, book news and highlight some people (blogs, vlogs) that I think you need to check out.

I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have any comments or suggestions on what I should add or maybe tweak a little please let me know.

Until next time, have a good "read"....

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