Thursday, October 14, 2010

Banned from the computer!!

OK, so it is almost 11 at night and I just got done ordering 4 books from Amazon!!! I seriously need to be banned from the computer at night....It seems as if this is when I always do the worst damage.

During the day I don't order anything....I have no idea why I did it either. OK, I do know why...because I, seriously...because:

1. I usually get my books in the mail from The Book Depository or I know at least for The Book Depository it always takes 2-3 weeks to get my books. But it is free shipping so that is why I order from there. Anyway, I wanted to order something online and see if I would get my books any we will see. I also got free shipping at Amazon because I spent at least $25...

2. Because I have no will power at night. When I am laying in bed half asleep. And,

3. Because there was money in the bank and it was so easy to push that little button..."place order"....

Yep...I think I need to be restricted on using the computer. I should be banned from it at night.

Is anyone else like me? Do you have vulnerable times where you always fail to have self control? Please let me know and tell me there are others like me...  :)

Until next time, Have a good "read"...


  1. I am! If I had a bad day or am going through a tough time, I find it very easy to do some online retail therapy LOL!

  2. Nightime is my weakness, too... Especially if I've had a bad day and I want to make myself "feel better." Someone needs to hide my computer on those days!