Friday, October 22, 2010

Online Bookstores

So I have been addicted to buying books online lately and so I thought I would share the different places that I shop and what some of the perks are on each one. (No, I am not getting paid for talking about these sites)...

Goodreads is an online swap site. You don't have to actually have any books listed to buy books from others though. On this site you only pay for shipping and so if you request 3 books from the same person you only pay for what shipping would be for the 3 books. Not each book individually, which I think is pretty cool. Goodreads also has a wish list where you can add books to and they will notify you when something on your wish list becomes available. There are also different communities, etc.


  1. I get a lot of mine from Barnes & Noble. I love it when they have their sales and you can get a few for $2 or $3. It's exciting to me because I'm a nerd :P

    I've tried to use GoodReads, as well as, but the websites move so slowly I usually give up (and I'm not on a slow internet line). I looked around to figure out how to buy books on GoodReads like you do, but I gave up with that, too, because I was confused, so I've kinda just stuck with PaperBackSwap.

  2. I buy my books mostly from amazon. They have a special for all college students and if you sign up, you receive a year of amazon prime for free. Amazon prime is basically free shipping on all orders and it offers free 2-day shipping & 3.99 overnight shipping, I think.
    What was weird was there wasn't really anything 'official' you had to do to sign up... At least not that I remember. They just asked what school you attended & your email. Pretty good deal.

    I also occasionally get books from
    They have a lot of great deals from time to time, but you have to keep an eye out on their stock, because the new releases go fast. I've gotten about 7 hardcovers for about $30-35 (shipping included), so I like that.

    This comment is way longer than I intended, sorry! haha

  3. i love goodreads...haha i wonder who got me addicted to that!! it was alittle confusing for me at first but once you pick it up, its addicting for me and its just fun...i also love barnes and noble seeing when books go on clearance and they have a great blook club...