Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Conditions

This is another topic discussion going around the vlogosphere....think I said "blogosphere" last time...oh well.

I think this is a little more a "serious" topic for people that look at their books as "artwork" or a "collection"....So this was an interesting topic for you can watch here....and read about below...

I am so anal about the conditions of my books! I recently started collecting books back in 2010...probably around May or June and at first I was just collecting adult fiction books because that is what I primarily read and so the mass of the books I got were from thrift stores and library sales. The paperbacks (which are about 3/4 of them) are not in the greatest condition, but they are not falling about by no means so that was and still is fine with me because they are only my adult fiction and I am used to them being that way. I actually sort of like them like that.

But then I discovered YA shortly after starting to buy my books to collect and I discovered that I did NOT like my YA books to be used. And if they were I wished for them to be slightly used. YA books are so much different to me. As stated in my last post, YA books are like a work of art to me, so naturally I want the covers to be in the best condition. I will take "very good" condition but I will not buy a book that is lower than that. I have passed up books before that I really wanted but the condition wasn't up to par for me.

So tell me...what condition do you like your books to be in? Or does it make no difference to you?

Until next time, Have a good "read"...

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