Saturday, January 1, 2011

CATCHER, CAUGHT by Sarah Collins Honenberger

OMG!! Let me just say that this book was phenomenal! Not at all what I was expecting. Upon first seeing the book I have to admit that the cover did nothing for me, and sadly, I am one who DOES judge a book by it's cover. So seeing that the cover wasn't anything special I thought the contents of the book would be the same way, but I was very wrong!

The story is about a teenager named Daniel that has leukemia. It starts off shortly after him and his family find out about this awful news and takes you through almost the next full year of his life.

The story is told from Daniels point of view, his words. He talks about the people who are closest to him in his life. His parents, his two brothers, his best friend Mack, and then towards the middle of the book a girl that has recently moved into the neighborhood. Daniel takes us into the lives of everyone and how they feel and what they think of his leukemia. How something like this affects people in different ways. And most importantly, how it affects Daniel, which nobody seems to think to ask about.

Daniel is a very strong character who doesn't wallow in self-pity nor does he complain about the little life he has left. Instead, he just goes along with what his parents think is "best" for him. His parents are against Western medicine and the present way of doing things, treating things. His parents were hippies and still hold onto a lot of the things they use to do and use to believe back then, so Daniels mom is in contact with a woman who tells her what herbal stuff to give Daniel to help him. Unfortunately none of this seems to be working and soon enough, Daniels mom (and his father reluctantly) opts to keep Daniel home from school for fear of the exposure of all the germs from all the people there.

But doing what they think is best for their son turns out to be a battle that they aren't prepared for but are willing to fight no matter the cost. Where they live it is considered child abuse to not give your child whatever medical treatment the doctor deems necessary to save their lives (in this case Chemo and radiation), so there is a court document forcing them to get Daniel started on those. But Daniels very sick and before they can start him on the Chemo and radiation the doctors have to try and stabilize him.

By this time Daniel realizes that he should be able to make his own decisions concerning his life and he starts to stand up for himself. You definitely see Daniel grow and develop in this story.

The other characters in this book are well written also. I like the fact that you get to know the parents and his two brothers and that they are not just barely glanced over. They come alive, especially his mother. And I really like his girlfriend, Meredith, who loves him and stands by him regardless that he is so sick.

The only thing that I didn't care for in this book is how it ended. I feel it ended kind of abruptly. But other then that this is a must read!!


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  2. Daniel Landon and I thank you for posting your review, and reading Catcher, Caught. Aren't teenage boys fascinating? Such a mix of bravado and anxiety. Because Daniel's just read The Catcher in the Rye, he analyzes Holden Caulfield's take on the adult world as he makes his own decisions about how to spend the year the doctors have given him. A 21st century re-telling of Holden's quest. Hoping that readers will go back and re-read Salinger's classic and celebrate its brilliance and Daniel's courage. Thanks again. Happy to answer questions from your followers. They can contact me at through my assistant Janey, if they put Catcher, Caught in the subject matter so I know they're for real.