Thursday, January 13, 2011


When I first heard of this book I was intrigued, but when I heard that it takes place in Outer Space, I wasn't so much anymore. I am not a sci-fi fan and I never cared to watch Star Wars, Star Trek or anything like that.

I really tried to get into the craze that everyone else is in over this debut novel by Beth Reeves, but it just wasn't happening. Until.....I seen this author interview on You Tube and checked out this website about the book. This website is very interactive and I think it has just about sold me to at least check the book out.

Does or did anyone else feel like I did about this book? Just wasn't excited about it? Or am I the only one?

Until next time, Have a good "read"...


  1. Everyone's giving it 5 stars, so therefore why wouldn't you want to read it? Put aside what you don't like, and venture into what you haven't tried. I'm awaiting my copy probably tomorrow or next week, and I'm digging in straight away because I know I'll be blown away.

  2. I'm not that much into Sci-Fi but I personally loved it..I've seen a few mixed reviews, but I thought it was more dystopian and think it would probably appeal to fans of that genre too..My review if you're interested: Across The Universe review