Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What do you do with your books?

I was sitting here looking at all of the books that are on my bookcases, and I realized that all of those books are my TBR ones....all the ones that I have already read are packed away....so I was thinking, what is the point??

What is the point of buying books if I am going to just pac them away when I am done reading them and what is the point of buying books in a series that match (all PB or all HB) if I am just going to pack them away when I am done reading them?

I don't know about you guys, but I think I need to get another bookcase so that I can put the books that I have read on that one and display them. That is one of the reasons why I buy books, right? So I can admire them?

I know that I definitely buy books based on their covers (yes, very shallow, but I love beauty) and because of that I should be showing them off even after they have been read.

What do you guys do with the books you have finished reading? Do you pack them away, put them back on a bookcase/shelf, or do you give them away/donate/sell them? I would love to hear what you guys do and maybe it will me some other ideas on what to do with mine.

Until next time, Have a good "read"....


  1. I have them on the top shelves of my bookshelf in alphabetical order lol...sometimes if I have a paperback I get really frustrated because I want the HC since it looks better on the shelf. and therefore I do get it, thus having PBs which I have to try and sell on ebay. e.g. getting clockwork angel, and mortal instruments as well as hunger games.

    I guess I'd be keeping all books considering I'm a collector of things im passionate for, but like i said once i read a PB i own, I sometimes feel obliged to get the HC for safekeeping and damage control.

  2. I have a TBR bookcase and one for books I've read and want to keep. If I read it and liked it and want it as part of my collection, I keep it. If I read it and didn't like it, it gets given or traded to someone who will perhaps like it more than I did.

  3. Most of the books on my shelf are TBR, mostly due to the crazy buying spree the reading community on YouTube has encouraged. :P

    I do keep most of the books I read that I like--if I don't like them I trade them on paperbackswap or donate them. Some of my books get split between my sister and mom, depending on who I demand read whatever I've just finished.

    I like being surrounded by books. I find it comforting. And I think part of the reason I don't go to the library is I love that the books are MINE. I like to think that one day I'll have a whole room to make into a little library, even if it's a tiny little closet, and all these books I love, whether I've read them or not, will create my own little library.

  4. sometimes I either just give them to my library or If I really like them then I will keep them but I need to get a bookshlef lol mine is attached to my desk and it's too small ;p awesome post karen!

  5. If they are books that I really like I will keep them. All books I have read and keep are in our basement family room.

    Upstairs is all my TBR books. Once I have read them I will pass them on to other book loving friends. donate them to friends of the library sale or church sale. My local second hand book store has stopped accepting books. I would post them on a bookswap site but shipping from Canada is expensive.