Thursday, January 20, 2011

CHASING BROOKLYN by Lisa Schroeder

Chasing Brooklyn Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I have a thing for books written in verse. Everyone that I have written (OK, there hasn't been that many) have really touched me. I find them to be very raw and to the point and I like that.

Chase Brooklyn is about a girl names Brooklyn who loses her boyfriend in a car accident the year before and then her boyfriends best friend ends up dying recently. She is still trying to get over her boyfriend, Luccas, death that this just sets her back again.

Nico, Luccas brother, is still trying to deal with his brothers death also, and he loses himself in running. But when he finds out about Luccas best friend, Gabe dying he becomes angry and distant.

All of a sudden strange things start to happen that pull Nico and Brooklyn together. What starts off as something hard for them to deal with, turns into something beautiful and healing for them both.

This book is about, once again, forgiveness, love, friendship, romance and trust.

Since this book was written in verse, the 412pgs blew by so quickly. If you haven't checked out this book yet you really should pick it up. It is a quick but deep and meaningful read.

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Restless souls and empty hearts
Brooklyn can't sleep. Her boyfriend, Lucca, died only a year ago, and now her friend Gabe has just died of an overdose. Every time she closes her eyes, Gabe's ghost is there waiting for her. She has no idea what he wants or why it isn't Lucca visiting her dreams.
Nico can't stop. He's always running, trying to escape the pain of losing his brother, Lucca. But when Lucca's ghost begins leaving messages, telling Nico to help Brooklyn, emotions come crashing to the surface.
As the nightmares escalate and the messages become relentless, Nico reaches out to Brooklyn. But neither of them can admit that they're being haunted. Until they learn to let each other in, not one soul will be able to rest.

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