Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey, everyone! Hope everyone is doing OK today....I am cuddled up in a blanket sitting at my kids computer because the charger for my laptop broke and so I am waiting for my new one to come in the mail....

Anyway, I just got done doing a book review on XVI by Julia Karr and I was mentioning in my You Tube review how the book had short chapters. And that got me to thinking....what do people think about chapters?

I love short chapters. Rather it is because I feel like I am meeting a bunch of small goals on my to completing a book or rather it is a good stopping off, breather, etc spot (the end of the chapters), I'm not sure, but I don't feel overwhelmed like I do when I read books that have loooong chapters.

What do you guys think about chapters? Or do you not think anything about them? Love to hear what you think...

Until next time, Have a good "read"...

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  1. I personally like short chapters, as I can roughly judge how long the book will take me to read. I cant stop in the middle of a chapter or if the chapter is an odd number, I don't know why that is?

    With regard to alternating perspectives on chapters it depends upon the book and chapter length, if the chapters are short then I don't mind them, but if they are long chapters then I dont tend to read them.

    I posted this comment on your youtube channel as well.