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UNLEASHED by Kristopher Reisz

UnleashedUnleashed by Kristopher Reisz

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(from Goodreads)

Daniel Morning seems perfect -- handsome, charismatic, intelligent. But living up to everyone's expectations has cost him the right to make his own decisions. The urge to shatter those expectations is beginning to gnaw at his insides.
Then Daniel meets Misty. She's smoky, rebellious, tender...and much more. She decides to let him into her pack of outcasts -- and in on their little secret: She and her friends have learned to shapeshift, and have been prowling the night as wolves.
Daniel soon falls in love with the primal sensation of shifting, just as he's falling in love with Misty. The freedom to follow his most basic instincts is like nothing he's ever felt. But Daniel will slowly come to realize that such freedom comes at a price....

I loved this book! I can't even tell you in detail what it was that I loved, but I just loved it...
After I read the first 100 pages, I posted on Goodreads that there wasn't any drama or action, and there wasn't. But it seemed that after that things started happening.

This book was about a senior named Daniel who was the star athlete, academic, popular kid-just all around shining star-and it is also about a senior named Misty, who is the complete opposite. She doesn't care about much and is about to give up on everything.

Then Misty meets Daniel and things start to change for her. The only problem is is that Daniel is dating Angie and he is leaving for college after graduation.

These obstacles seem to be put on the back burner for awhile though (except for the Angie thing because Daniel breaks up with her to be with Misty). Daniel refrains from telling Misty about college because he doesn't want her to think he isn't worth her time.

When Misty starts to trust Daniel she decides to introduce him into the pack, which consists on her twin brother and their two best friends. But the pack is more then just the four of them. It is also a ritual that they do prior to turning into werewolves!

Of course this freaks Daniel out at first, but the more he thinks about it and thinks about Misty, the more he is open to this whole thing. He actually looks forward to it because it is the time that he can actually be himself and not have to worry about anything or anyone else. But not everything that the pact does is innocent and people start to get hurt.

People are physically hurt, betrayed, heartbroken...there is abunch of typical teenage angst, a lot of ego issues and people being put in their place.

This books covers family, friends, love, anger, forgiveness, growing up, etc.
The characters in this book were great and the character developement of both Misty and Daniel was spectacular. I loved watching them grow.

Even without the werewolves this book would have been great! But the werewolves gave it a different spin.

If you haven't read this book you really must! This is the first book I have read by him, but I am absolutely going to check out another one of his.

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