Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hardcovers vs. Paperbacks

I posted a poll on here last month about what format of book you like better. Most people like the hardback version better and I can understand why, but I have to say that I really prefer the trade size paperbacks. I love those books. And it's funny, because if I just see a trade size paperback and don't even know what the book is I automatically assume it is going to be something really good. It is like I am attracted to them. LOL!

When I search for books online I always search "paperbacks". And now that I have experienced the larger paperbacks, I do not want to go back to the mass market size.

Now don't get me wrong, I do like Hardbacks, but I prefer the paperbacks most of the time.


  • holds up better
  • dust jacket
  • looks nicer on bookshelf
  • for collection
  • paper is higher quality
  • costs more
  • heavier
  • bulkier
  • dust covers can get destroyed, lost, etc.


  • cheaper
  • lighter
  • fits easily into purse, handbag, etc
  • easier to hold
  • longer wait before it is available
  • doesn't stay in as good as shape as long as a hardback does (used both the same)
  • covers are easily bendable
  • spines crack easily
The reasons why I prefer the trade size is because they are cheaper and smaller (more portable) then the hardback but bigger then the mass market. That is it, those two reasons only. If I see a hardback book on sale I will pick that up though. Now, I do have to have the same format for a series of books. So, like my House of Night series is mixed because I found the books cheap at various places, but since most are paperback, I will replace the one hb with a pb in time....

So, tell me what you like better and why in the comments below.

Until next time, Have a good "read"...


  1. I don't have a preference for most books, but I like my series to be in the same format and if they're extra special I prefer hard backs (like my Harry Potter series)

  2. I'm on a budget, so I get whatever I find less expensive.

    But if I had a choice, it would be hardcovers because I like to keep my books in nice condition and paperbacks often get scratched up, bent, scuffed, etc..

    That being said, I always have to have a series in the same format as well. I'm especially particular about that :)

    Kristy @ Dreaming By Day

  3. I definitely prefer paperbacks over hardbacks.
    I think a hardback book is too bulky, thick, and I don't like the way it feels when I'm reading it. It just doesn't feel like a real book to me.
    Paperbacks are more comfortable to hold and I like the way it feels. They're also cheaper which is good for me because I can buy more.
    Whereas hardbacks are usually 16-30 dollars.
    Although I do want to buy all the Harry Potter books in hardcover just because they're amazing. :)
    So, yeah, paperbacks are my preference.