Friday, December 17, 2010

What book next??

So, how is everyone doing today? Is it snowing by you guys or do you just have tons of snow from the weekend? They actually called a snow day for my kids today and when I looked out my window this morning I didn't see anything exciting....must be bad other places. My kids were excited so that is what matters..LOL! My daughter even wore her pj's inside out last night ( she said it was supposed to bring luck for a snow day )...

Anyway, I was wondering how you guys chose which book you are going to read next? It used to be that I would get a bunch of books from the library and I would put them in order from the least pages to the most and read them in that order, but now that I have been having a little bit of an addiction buying books lately I am having a hard time choosing which book to read next.

First, I separated my paranormal, vampire, werewolf, etc books from my realistic, nothing spooky books and alternate between those two. One day read something from A and the next time read something from B. Which is working for me, but then how do I chose which book to read from A and which book to read from B?

So then, I alphabetized them and thought I would just go in that order, but then sometimes a book that would've been next doesn't grab my attention right then or it was too long and I didn't wanna read a long book right then.

And finally, I tried to read books that have been sitting on my shelf longer then others, but that didn't always work either, because sometimes I really wanted to read the new release NOW...So now what??

So tell do you decide which book you are going to read next when there are so many to choose from?


  1. I don't really have a method of choosing the next book I read, I just tend to sit there and stare at my TBR pile for a while. Usually I decide within half an hour or so ;) haha. But occasionally I already know, because I decide as I'm reading my current book.

  2. Totally by mood, I walk through my place and look at my bookshelves and the books on the floor in my bedroom and pick one up and read and if I don't like it, or it doesn't grab me, then I repeat the process until I find one I want to read next. The funny thing is I may decide I don't want to read one and then in a few weeks pick that same book up and just love it!

  3. I read the backs and read the first chapters to decide on which book I read next if the first chapter doesn't snatch me then I close it and pick up another. also the covers have to be super fantastic as well, I think when books have crappy covers the reader just blows right past them like I do haha.