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SLEEPLESS by Thomas Fahy

SleeplessSleepless by Thomas Fahy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(from Goodreads)

SOMELSE WILL DIE SOON she tells herself.
A few days after the first time you walk in your sleep, you kill someone. That's how the end begins.
Emma Montgomery has been having gruesome nightmares. Even worse, when she wakes up, she isn't where she was when she fell asleep. And she's not the only one. One by one the students of Saint Opportuna High start having nightmares, and sleepwalking. And the next morning one of their classmates turns up dead.

Something is making them kill in their sleep. Emma and her friends need to band together, to keep themselves awake until they can figure out what's behind the murders--before anyone else dies.
Thomas Fahy, author of The Unspoken, which Pubishers Weekly called, "a page-turner that just might keep readers up at night," again brings readers a nail-bitingly horrifying novel.

This book earned 3/5* from me. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either.

The book is about a group of kids that go to New Orleans with one of their teachers to help with Habitat for Humanity to help to earn some college credits. While there they witness something horrifying and they all agree to keep quiet about it.

Shortly after returning home they slowly start having nightmares. Nightmares that seem too real. In the meantime, students are dying or being right out murdered by other students with no apparent motive.

Soon the kids that are having the nightmares open up to each other to learn that they are all having the nightmares. And because these nightmares are so real and just plain scary they decide to stay with other during the night to prevent anyone from falling asleep.

After a few days, they start to get a little bit more suspicious about why this is happening and they start to put things together. What they suspect is happening is basically true, but who they suspect is behind it all is where they are wrong.

This story is very descriptive. Especially during the death scenes which I liked and which definitely qualified this a horror story.

The characters were OK. I don't think that I connected with any of them and I don't think that you really got to know their personalities that much. But it wasn't horrible. The horror aspects and the descriptions offered in this story is what made me give it a 3*.

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