Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My thoughts on "AMERICAN IDOL" by S.C. Hayden


I really enjoyed this book, but unfortunately I do not know how to review it. I have been thinking about it as I was reading the book and of course more so, when I finished, but I just am not sure so I am just going to do the best I can.

The book is about a group of friends who want to get rich quick. They are sitting in a bar one evening talking about God and such...more like pointing out discrepancies and the like when they decide, hey, why not creat Idols for people to worship like they used to do hundreds of years ago.

And off goes the story. The story is told through a narrator, but it covers a handful of different people. Even though there are numerous "main characters", if you will, the story is not confusing in the least. In fact it is very easy to follow and the writing flows rather nicely.

This story is filled with all sorts of religious matter, from Bible scripture to stuff from The Nobel Koran and Nietzsche, The Gay Science. There are several references to pop culture and paragraphs of Bible stories. But even with all of this, it is not in any way preachy. This all fits into the story that is being told.

This story definetly goes against what many of us believe and because of this it may cause some people to become angry with the book or even to yell occasionally. But remember it is only a work of fiction. Or so we hope.

There is some mystery wrapped in this book also, which I will be honest to say that I did not quite figure out. There is a driver license that is floating around throughout the story, which has some purpose, because it is keeps getting mentioned, and there is the number 444, that is everywhere in the book...which "In the Bible, the number 444 deals with both the number four and the number three. The number four refers to creation, while the number three refers to the Trinity..." (Neil King)

There is also swearing, sex and damn near war in this book. A book for adults most definetely. And even though I am not one who cares to read books that ladled with sex, this one was not like this in the least. There was a purpose for the sex.

The characters were well written and the storyline was great. I was excited to read this book and I wasn't disappointed.

I do recommend this book.

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