Sunday, December 11, 2011

My thoughts on "DIE FOR ME" by Amy Plum


I am sorry but this story reminded me way too much of Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I like Twilight, but I felt as if this just borrowed too much from that and it just wasn't original.

The main character, Katya-a human, has a relationship with a non-human, Vincent. Now, what Vincent is, a Reverant, I thought was interesting because he isn't like the typical ones you read about, but the whole falling in love with each other & being determined to make it work regardless is typical Twilight.

Katya, or Katie, as she is called more often in the story, is the only 'human' allowed into Vincents home with the rest of his 'family'.

I don't know, I just felt like everything that happened was just like Twilight. Especially the two main characters. Katie, moving to Paris from New York after her parents passed away, so she doesn't hang out with anyone and is withdrawn until she meets Vincent. Then when she finds out what he is she isn't afraid of him...Vincent has to be with her and can do nothing but think of her all of the time. He dotes on her exactly like Edward did on Bella.

Then you have Charlotte, who lives in the house also, and is also a Reverant, reminded of Alice so much and Ambrose, another Reverant who lives there, reminded me of Emmett. Too many similarities for me throughout this story.

Most of the story was of the two of them being together and lovey, dovey. The end was were you had your action scene and that was interesting.

I think I would have liked this story more if it was a little more original.

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