Thursday, December 15, 2011

My thoughts on 'FALL FOR ANYTHING' by Courtney Summers

A story about a girl, Eddie, who has recently lost her father to a suicide. A story about her best friend, Milo, who is trying to work out his feelings about Eddie. A story about a boy named, Culler, who was a student of Eddies father, who is trying to understand why his mentor killed himself. All of these stories collide to create one deep and intense story.

Eddie's father was a well-known photographer before she was born. He still took photos, but it was different for him now. One day before this story begins, he commits suicide with barely a note explaining why.

Eddie's mother is devastated and can barely get out of bed. Eddie is also devastated, but she has the force of wanting to know 'why' pushing her along. While she at the place where he killed himself one day she runs into Culler, who tells Eddie that he was her fathers student. Culler also has been coming to this place searching for answers. And this is where the connection between them is formed.

Milo, is Eddie's best friend, and he is also the one who found Eddie after she found her father. Milo and her relationship is complicated. They have been friends since the 2nd grade and they are now 17. They have to figure out what their relationship between each other really means, but with the death of Eddie's father it makes everything all the more complicated.

Eddie is so confused and lost this whole time. While wanting to know why her father did what he did, she is trying to figure out who she is now also. Eddie ends up making some poor decisions and going on a road trip with Cullen searching for answers that she may not even find.

This is a very deep book in terms of what Eddie is going through. You go along with her on this trip and experience everything she is feeling right along with her.

The characters were so well written and the story was so good. It was such an intense read. There was so much going on in this story and Courtney Summers captured Eddie's grief and confusion perfectly. The other characters had depth to them also, which was a plus.         

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