Saturday, December 17, 2011

PROJECT FOR AWESOME 2011-Books for Kids

This is the first year I have heard of Project for Awesome and I knew right away that I wanted to participate. If you are not familiar with Project for Awesome, it is where youtubers get together to promote charities. This happens once a year over a 2 day period. There are different ways you can contribute so go to the link and check it out!

Mia, her friend Tea, my nephew Lucas and myself put a video together to spotlight "Books for Kids". It is a charity started by Farrah and Britney from I eat Words. They started this charity at the beginning of this year and raised $500 that first time. What they do is is supply new books to children in the hospital. There are two hospitals that they do this for, The Phoenix Children's Hospital and The Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas.

I believe this is a wonderful cause. Imagine these children in the hospital. That has to be a scary place for them, but if they can have a book to read to take them away from there and away from that moment, what better thing can there be. Plus they get to keep those books and bring them home with them.

Even if you can't donate, if you can still visit I eat Words site and visit You Tube today and tomorrow and watch the videos that were made for Project for Awesome, you will help make a difference. For every comment made on these videos a penny will be donated. They may not seem like a lot, but believe me, that adds up.

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  1. Thanks so much, Karen! You are amazing! And thanks for spreading the word about Books for Kids. :)