Friday, December 30, 2011

My thoughts on 'RECOVERY ROAD' by Blake Nelson

Recovery RoadRecovery Road by Blake Nelson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Let me just say that I cannot wait until the kids go back to school and my hubby goes back to work. My whole schedule/routine is so messed up. I have hardly read at all these two weeks.

Well, this book had very, very short chapters-which I did a video about (short chapters) over on my youtube channel not too long ago...I rather enjoyed them, which I usually do. The book was also divided into quite a few parts.

The story is about a girl named Maddie who is on her way to rehab when the book begins. It basically follows her throughout her stay there and her life for the first year and some months afterwards.

A lot of stuff happens to her and she is dealt a lot but she handles it all in a very mature way. It was actually refreshing to read about someone who turns their life around like she did. I know, I like the whole contemporary, addicting, angsty type books, but this just showed that it can be done. That you can turn your life around. That it is what is inside of you that really matters.

Despite everything that is falling around beside Maddie she still manages to stay true to herself.

I would recommend this book to other young adults out there because I really think it is a great book with a positive message. People make mistakes and shit happens but the only one you can count on is you and you can do it if you just believe in yourself, work hard and stay focused.

I kept waiting for something bad to happen to Maddie. I kept waiting for her to relapse, but it didn't. Maddie changed, for the better, and transformed before my eyes into a wonderful, responsible and mature young lady.

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