Monday, December 12, 2011

My thoughts on "DAMAGED" by Cathy Glass


I am not sure of any other way to rate this book. (I gave it 5*)

This book is about a girl named, Jodi, who enters the foster care system at the age of 7. Within 4mo she has already been through 5 foster homes. There is little hope for her, until Cathy steps up and agrees to take Jodi in.

When Jodi first enters Cathy's home she is very violent and rude. In fact, over the year that she is with Cathy that never completely goes away and as time goes on we start to see other disturbing behaviours from Jodi.

We will also start to learn and start to understand why Jodi is acting the way that she does. The reason(s) are so horrible that I had to stop reading and just take some time to digest what I just read. There were some parts that I had to literally re-read to see if I read it correctly. I couldn't believe the things that this child endured. The horrors she went through.

Remember that this is a true story, so if you are overly sensitive or are weak at heart you may not want to read this book. This book will make you cry, it will make you very angry, it will make you sick to your stomach. But, you will also read about the amazing heart one foster mother had. The patience, the love, the toughness that she had and that she gave this little girl. Jodi was passed from one foster home to another because nobody could handle her. Cathy Glass was determined to help her and she seen it through to the end. Even though there were times she wanted to throw in the towel, when she was frustrated at her situation and at social services, she was overly exhausted and running on empty, she still found just a little bit more inside her to keep going.

So besides for the hurt you will feel from reading this book, you will also know that there are still angels out there.         

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