Thursday, December 15, 2011

My thoughts on "TIGHTER" by Adele Griffen


I wish there were 1/2 stars because I would give this a 3.5*.

I am glad that I tried another of Adele's books, after not caring for "The Julian Game". This book I truly enjoyed and finished in only a matter of hours.

The story is about a girl named Jamie, who is having problems back home, such as depression and addiction to pills. She hurt herself in track, I believe it was, and was prescribed pills for that. She just continued using them to help with her depression, and when they seemed to not help like they used to she resorted to sneaking her parents medications. Her parents are righfully worried about her and are trying to get her out of this funk (they are not aware of her addiction with pills). So one evening while her mother is out at a dinner, she finds Jamie a job as an au pair at an old friends home, looking after his 11yo daughter.

Jamie isn't too eager for this at first, but once she gets there she tries to enjoy herself. But right away, she learns about the au pair, Jessie, from last year, and that the girl is now dead. A fact that was clearly not told to Jamie. Jamie is suspect about this omission and starts to do a little investigating of her own about what happened to Jessie.

While this is going on Jamie is watching Isa (the 11yo girl) and dealing with the snarky attitude of Isa's brother, Milo, who wasn't even supposed to be there and who Jamie hadn't even heard of. Along with Milo, she is also having to deal with Peter, the boyfriend of Jessie, who died with her that night last night. Yes, Jamie can communicate with Peter. She tries to chalk this up to all the pills she has been taking and she does start to get a little freaked out about it when it doesn't stop.

This all comes to a head one night and things take a mean and unexpected twist. How I love twists, especially twists like these.

This was a good ghost story, with good characters and a good storyline. It wasn't too spooky which was OK, although it would have been great if it were more spooky. I wasn't expecting the ending and I think you will be suprised by it too.         

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