Sunday, December 18, 2011

My thoughts on "SCARS" by Cheryl Rainfield


What an intense book! This book had three major things going on in it and I felt for the main character, Kendra, immediately.

The story is about a 15yo girl named Kendra, who is in therapy because she was sexually assaulted. You do not find out when this started until the end of the book, so I was a little confused on that and what finally brought her into therapy until the end of the story.

Kendra isn't sure who raped her-she blocked that out-but she is starting to really have flashbacks and understandably, she is scared. She doesn't think she wants to remember who it was. And the person who molested her doesn't want her to remember either. Through the story he finds a way to let her know that he is still very close by.

Because of all of this, Kendra has been cutting herself. She has kept this hidden from her therapist and her parents so nobody knows that she is doing this.

I can tell you since we brought up her parents, that I do not like them in the least. I was so upset by the way they handled her abuse. Her mother was horrible. Literally treating it like it was a small thing and Kendra should just get over it! It made me so furious....

There is another major thing that is in this book also, but I don't want to say anything about that. Well, I can say that it helped Kendra a lot when it came to dealing with this horrible thing she was going through. Her mother though doesn't think so and makes sure that Kendra knows how she feels.

The whole relationship that she has with her parents is just so off. It just doesn't seem right to me. Once again, until I got to the end of the book and then it seemed to make a little more sense. Maybe because I grew up with a mother similar to Kendras. So her reasons for treating Kendra the way she did made sense to me.

This is definetly a deep book, so if you like those type of stories, I recommend picking this one up!

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