Sunday, November 13, 2011

2012 Reading challenges

So, once again, I have decided to participate in some reading challenges. This time for the year 2012...but of course....

The challenges I decided to take part in our the 2012 Debut Author Challenge hosted by The Story Siren, Outdo Yourself hosted by Book Vixen , 2012 YA reading challenge hosted by Bumps in the Road and the 2012 Support your local library challenge hosted by the Eclectic Bookshelf. You can find a whole list of challenges over here....and there are a lot...

Have you joined any challenges yet for the new year? Did you join any for this year (2011)? If so, what ones did you join and how are you doing on them? I personally joined the 2011 Debut Author Challenge (DAC), the Chick-lit challenge and I believe one or two more, but I failed miserably!! And that is NOT an understatement.....I really hope that I can follow through with the challenges for this coming year and not quit....

You know what I think I may need...? A sponsor....yes, you heard think if I had a sponsor, or maybe a sponsor isn't the word, I am looking for. But if I had someone that could/would encourage me to keep reading and also, importantly, keep doing reviews and linking them up, I would keep at it if I hit any rough patches. I am sure you all know what I mean....those reading funks, where you just can't get into reading. And I think I know the person that I am going to ask to help me do this.... : D

So those are the challenges I am joining. I hope you guys find some good ones and have fun with this new year!

Take Care!

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