Thursday, November 10, 2011

Too many books, too little time

Well, I am reading a book by Sara Nelson titled: Too many books, too little time: A Year of Passionate Reading. I just started this book so I don't have a lot to say about it except that I am excited to read it. Just like the other book that I have; Bib/li/o-ho-lism by Tom Raabe...I like to read about other people and their obsessions. Especially when their obsessions are the same as mine.

I also wanted to say that my blog isn't going to follow the format that it did when I first started it because I felt constrained back then. I felt like since I was doing a book blog I had to conform to some upspoken rule or set of rules. That all book blogs had to have similarities and had to all include certain information...but I don't want to do that. This is my blog, this is supposed to express me and what I like to read and it is here to let others know what I thought or what I think about book related stuff....OK, maybe not EVERYTHING will be book related, but 99% will be. And I don't want to follow any form, I don't want to post certain things on certain days because that is not me. I change my mind too often and I get bored and I look for new things. I do not want to be stuck in something that I may not happy with next week or even next month.

So there you have it....what I am reading now and what I have planned for this blog, or so-called blog.

Either way, take care!

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