Thursday, November 17, 2011

My thoughts on "Break" by Hannah Moskowitz

(from Goodreads)

Jonah is on a mission to break every bone in his body. Everyone knows that broken bones grow back stronger than they were before. And Jonah wants to be stronger—needs to be stronger—because everything around him is falling apart. Breaking, and then healing, is Jonah’s only way to cope with the stresses of home, girls, and the world on his shoulders.
When Jonah's self-destructive spiral accelerates and he hits rock bottom, will he find true strength or surrender to his breaking point?


This was a very good book. Well written, with a dark subject matter and great characters. I was going to say, like I did in my review on Youtube, that I was also impressed that it was written when the author was only 16....but after reading her blog, I don't think I will emphasize that. LOL!

Anyway, the story follows Jonah, who is 17 and who has a messed up family life. His 16yo brother, Jesse has extreme food allergies, so you have to be extremely careful around him and Jonah also has an 8mo old little brother who still cries non-stop. The doctors say colic, but it is really causing some stress, for lack of a better word, in the home.

Jonah also has a best friend, Naomi and a 'non-girlfriend', Charlotte. So his life is pretty filled up. And all of this is causing a lot of stress for Jonah. Especially because he thinks that he has to take care of everyone and especially because he thinks he is doing an awful job of taking care of everyone. His brother, Jesse, is constantly having to go to the hospital because of severe reactions to something in the home, and his younger brother still won't stop crying after 8mo....but non of this is Johans responsibility. Unfortunately he doesn't see it that way.

So Jonah takes it upon his self to find other ways to make his family better. And the way he is trying now is to break every bone in his body. Sounds crazy, right? Well, to us it is...but to Jonah, it makes perfect sense. When you break a bone it heals stronger than what it was before. And according to Confucius, who Jonah is completely into, the family cannot be divided up into individuals. The family is one unit. So, if Jonah breaks his bones and they heal and become stronger then they were, then his family will be stronger too.

The book opens with him doing a crazy stunt on his skateboard to cause some broken bones. As the story progresses and he ends up with more broken bones, that he tries but fails to hide from others, Jonahs life goes down a path he never expected.

Now it is time for him to face up to what he is actually doing and come to terms with some things in his life. Unfortunately his life gets a lot worse before any of that happens.

I hightly recommend this book.

Take Care!

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