Monday, November 14, 2011

V.C. Andrews

I was at the library today because my daughter has asthma and allergies, and now she has a cold and it has complicated the other two...anyway, we wanted to get her out of the house and away from the dander from the animals. Usually they do not bother her, but the cold just has made things worse for the time.

We went to the library because I was broke and she had an eye apt. anyway and it was in the area. While at the library I was looking at the new release books in both YA and adult, and I found a new VC Andrews book, called Family Storms.

I have loved VC Andrews since I was a teen and my older sister used to read her. All starting with "Flowers in the Attic"...

I have read every single book all the way up to the Gemini Series. Then I forgot about her books and started to read other stuff.

Last year I started collecting her books and have acquired quite a collection. I am still a few series short of having everything, but it is still pretty impressive, I think.

When I seen the new book today I got excited and checked it out. I cannot wait to read this book! Although these books are not actually written by VC Andrews, as she passed away December 19, 1986.

 "Her novels were so successful that, after her death, her estate hired a ghost writer, Andrew Neiderman, to write more stories to be published under her name." (Wickipedia)

So even though someone continued writting her stories it isn't necesarily her writting and you can tell when you read the books. I still enjoy them though (although not as much as when she was actually writting them). I know there are people out there who will not read any of the books that were not written by her and that is too bad, because they are still good books.

I will have to go back and read the series that I haven't read yet. And hopefully one day get caught up....

Take Care!

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