Thursday, November 10, 2011

I think I may be back...for a little while at least....

Hey everyone!! I know it has been  A LONG time....I didn't even realize how long it was until I seen when my last post was dated.....back in FEBRUARY!

I am sorry that I have been gone for so long and I have no good reason why I have been. All I can say is that I was in another car accident in April 2011 (after the car accident I was in in December of 2010) and that put me off of work until present time. I was getting ready to go back to work in August, but I had a slip n fall incident at a Jewel-Osco and that pulled my back nope, still couldn't go back to work....anyhow, that is the gist of what has been going on this year. At least for health/well being...Luckily the rest of the family has been good!

So, since I wasn't working I took back up crafting. Mostly making cards. I used to scrapbook A LOT quite a few years ago, but fell out of that and got rid of most of my supplies. Then one day I don't remember what I was doing, but the bug hit me again, except this time, instead of scrapbooking I started card making. I just got done making cards last month for the UT Anderson Cancer Center in Texas.....the challenge was to make a card a day (different challenges/different types) for the cancer patients there. I got all mine mailed out about 2 weeks ago. Now I am making Christmas cards.

So, that is what else I have been doing with my time. Now, the reading bug has bit! I have never stopped reading completely and I have still every now and then put my reviews up on goodreads. Although they were not as detailed as my other ones have been.

I think that my excessive reading is seasonal...haha! I always love to read, but I think during the fall and winter I really love to read. I would say during the fall/winter I read about a book every 2 days or so and during the rest of the year I read a book every few weeks or so....a big difference!

So, to sum it up...I have started doing reviews again on my you tube page and am thinking about adding to my blog again. I do not want to promise anything because I really don't know what is going to happen. With Thanksgiving and Christmas being around the corner and I had an interview for a job yesterday so I may be working again.

Well, it feels good being back...Missed you guys!

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