Saturday, November 12, 2011

When is enough, enough??

When is enough, enough? I am so bad when it comes to something I am interested in because I go crazy on accumulating as much of whatever that something is...if there is something to accumulate....

11yrs ago when my daughter was just 1 I was in a Barbie faze. I wanted to collect Barbie for her. I imagined her room being decorated with all of these Barbies still in there boxes looking so beautiful sitting on her shelves. I started with the collectible Barbies, but then I moved over into the pink box Barbies...the ones that parents buy at Toys R Us or Target, etc for their kids to actually play with....when that wasn't enough, I bought the cars and the playsets....and the clothes....I kept them all in their packaging and never opened them....That is, until she turned 3 and then I started opening the pink box ones and the playsets, furniture, cars, etc. so I could set up scences on her bookshelves. I dressed the dolls and rearranged their furniture weekly. Then when she turned 4 she was really into Barbie and I just couldn't say no to her anymore when she would ask to play with them. C'mon, it wasn't fair to look at them all the time but not be able to play with them, so I broke down and said "sure"....and that "sure" turned into me opening some of the collectibles too!!

Then about 2 years after that, we got bored with them and I felt as if they were taking up too much space in the house, so what did I do?? You guessed it...I got rid of EVERYTHING! All that money I spent (well, my husband spent) on all of those dolls, furniture, clothes, etc....all it was nothing.

That is one thing about me, and my husband and kids have just grown used to it-I change my mind a lot and when I do I usually can't be persuaded to change it back. I get bored rather easily also.

So, when my daughter was about 7 I started scrapbooking and I invested so much into the craft and was so obsessed with it for a good 2 yrs solid...until one day, I got bored...and guess what?? Yep, I got rid of most of my stuff cuz it was taking up space.

When she was 10 I started really collecting books. It started off with adult fiction books, such as, James Patterson, Tammi Hoag, Dean Koontz, Robin Cook, Tess Garritson, etc...they were easy to find (thrift stores, library booksales) and besides I loved them (the authors and the books-the smell, the feel)...then last year, I discovered the book community on You Tube and thus I discovered YA or young adult books and I went wild...I became so obsessed with buying all the books that I could. All my extra money and then some went into buying YA books....For at least 6mo I bought and bought and bought...I also read non-stop. But my buying far surpassed how much I was or could read. Then, guess what?? Yes, again....I got sidetracked. Not necessarily bored, as I have always loved to read and never actually get bored from it, just other things got in the way...and this time I was not working because of the 2 car accidents I was in and crafting came back into my life. I have been really into card making and so since I wasn't and still am not working I decided I could sell abunch of my books to earn some extra wasn't a big deal. I either already read the books, or I just wasn't interested in them anymore (certain titles). Besides, I could always get books from the library and if I was interested in reading a certain book again I would just borrow it from there.

This all leads me to the present. I am now back into reading quite often, but most of my books are gone and I still am not working so have no money to buy any more. So, I go to the library...the books there are free and you get them for 2 weeks and can renew them for another 2 weeks as long as nobody is waiting on can also take up to 50 at a time...50 AT A TIME!! Now can I read that many books in 2 weeks or even 4 weeks if I renew them...NO!! But I can't seem to stop myself from bringing more and more books home....and that is what leads me to the question...

When is enough, enough??

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  1. Well said! I have the SAME PROBLEM. I can't just collect a couple of something when I start a collection, I need every single one they make. It's terrible. The problem is I don't get rid of anything!!