Friday, November 19, 2010

Internet shopping...

Well, I admit it. I have a problem...and it is called internet shopping! I have been having this problem for quite some time now and have talked vaguely about it on some of my You Tube videos, but this is crazy!

These websites keep emailing me with all these deals that I just can't help myself. And now, Amazon offered me a free month trial to their Amazon Prime so now I get FREE two day shipping! Of course, I probably won't continue with it because it is $79/yr! I know that Amazon offers so much more than just books and so it makes it worth it if you are using their site a lot, but anyway....

So, monday night I finished up my Christmas shopping for our daughter (that is when I stumbled upon the free trial at Amazon) and being half asleep and excited at the same time for this new opportunity to spend even more money, I bought myself a "few" books, which I will be getting tomorrow since it is FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING....Yay! (and no, I am not getting paid to talk about Amazon)

It is just so easy to add things to your cart and hit the "checkout" button. All your credit card info is already stored on there so you don't have to do any extra work.

Does anyone else have this problem with internet shopping? Do you find yourself being sucked into every "free trial" out there just to spend money that you don't really need to be spending? Tell me about if you do so I don't feel as if I am the only one with this problem.

Until next time, Have a good "read"....


  1. You're not alone..I too, am an internet shopping addict. It's so convenient nowadays! I got a free trial of Amazon Prime too, and it's awesome because I click order, and get books, like the next day! I tend to go overboard sometimes...way overboard! I have so many unread books it's crazy! And Goodreads is awesome - I have found so many great books on there - it's addictive :D

    I'm a relatively new follower, btw..Love your blog! But yeah, I am starting a monthly budget for month ;)

    Kristy @ By The Willow

  2. well....of course i stuck with book depostiory because free shipping and inexpensive books for just say hardcovers you can't go wrong even thought it is a fricken 2 week wait to receive it. but i haven't bought anything as of late for like 2 weeks so im on a roll. just hope i get gift cards for xmas hehe :)

  3. eBay & Etsy are my downfall. I LOVE getting mail and it is so easy buying a little something! I tend to go nuts at Christmas, too, and happily bought the majority of gifts for people at Amazon.