Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some new things...

So, I have been thinking and I have decided to try and implement a few different or added things to my blog. I know I have the meme's that I do Mon-Fri and I do my reviews, but I want to start adding other "stuff"...but I don't want to clutter each day up with stuff.

I love to talk and I love to share things I have discovered or things that make me excited but I want to be able to space this stuff out and not have like 10 posts in one day!

Then with my work schedule and just taking care of the house, the kids and the animals, not to mention my You tube channel and time to read, of course,  I have to find the time to do more on here. And that is where I run into the problem of having multiple posts on one day and maybe just the one or none on other days.

I have a note book where I am going to write down things I want to talk about or share on here with you and hopefully that will keep me on track and help me to space posts out.

Please let me know over the course of the next few weeks how things are coming. What your opinions are or if you want to see things differently, any tips, etc.

Thanks! and until next time, Have a good "read"....

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