Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SNITCH by Allison van Diepen

SnitchSnitch by Allison van Diepen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


In a school run by gangs, staying out was harder than joining. We knew who our friends were, and were careful what we said. If people thought we were haters, it would only be a matter of time....

Lines are clearly marked at South Bay High School. It's mixed territory for the Crips and the Bloods, which means the drama never stops.

Julia DiVino wants none of it. No colors, no C-Walks -- it's just not her thing.

But when Eric Valienté jumps into her life, everything changes. Lines are redrawn. And then they're crossed.

This book is about a girl named Julia, who lives with her dad in Brooklyn. Julia is smart and knows what she wants with her future, but sometimes knowing what you want is enough.

At Julias HS there are gangs everywhere; it is almost a way of life there, but Julia wants no part of the gangs. Her and her friend, Q, know exactly what they want out of life and being in a gang is not one of the things they want. Julia and Q see strictly black and white when it comes to gangs and they know there is no good reason to join one. That is until Julia gets mixed up with the new kid, Eric.

When Julia starts talking to Eric she can tell that he is a smart kid and one that knows what he wants also for himself in the future. She strongly believes that Eric wouldn't join one of the games, but he isn't like that. Or so she thought...

After Julia and Eric had been together for about a month Eric comes to school all beat up and Julia finds out that it is because he was jumped into the Crips. Julia can't believe that Eric would do this knowing how she feels about gangs, and so she feels she has no choice but to end it with him.

But soon after Julia finds out something that could really hurt Eric and she tells him for fear of the pain he is surely to suffer. Little did Julia realize what a bad move that would be on her part, and the question of friends and what they will do for each other comes into play.

Julia must make some decisions about who she is, what her feelings are and about how far you would go for friends.

Eric is another loyal BF and what you find out about him may or may not be a shocker.

Each chapter in this book starts at a new time. It doesn't flow from one thing right into the next, but I think that is what made this such a quick read. This book doesn't go into too much detail unless it has to.

There is some mature content in this book and I would say it should be for kids 15+.

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