Sunday, January 22, 2012

My thoughts on 'Oink! My life with Minipigs' by Matt Whyman

Oink! My Life with MinipigsOink! My Life with Mini pigs by Matt Whyman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a wonderful book!

If you like books about animals then you have got to read this book. There are a ton of books out there about dogs and cats, but I have never read a book about pet mini-pigs.

The author, Matt Whyman, does a great job telling this story. It was so informative and humorous. I absolutely loved the humor in this book!

The story talks about what led his family to acquire the mini-pigs, their adjustment to living with them, the ups and the downs and then trying to breed them.

To me, what set this book about from other fun and loving animal/pet books is the fact that Matt doesn't make the whole thing about having mini-pigs as pets just a wonderful thing. He is honest and actually tells us how he wasn't too happy with the idea right from the start. He also tells us about the trouble they had at times with them and how everything isn't all honky-dory living with mini-pigs.

I started this book, of course, wanting to add a mini-pig to our home-in the future. I actually did some research online and went as far as to check out some breeders and rescues. But thankfully, because of Matt's honesty, I quickly realized that a mini-pig would not be the pet for our household.

If you like books about animals, I definitely recommend picking this up.

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