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My thoughts on 'THE SHARP TIME' by Mary O'Connell

The Sharp TimeThe Sharp Time by Mary O'Connell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the authors first book which came out in 2011.

This was a great book! It happens over the course of a week and there is so much in this story.

The MC, Sandanista, named after the Clash album, has recently lost her mother and so is now living on her own (she is 18-a senior in HS). The book tells us about a day at school when her alegbra teacher attacks her verbally and phsically, by kicking the desk Sandinista is sitting in. Thus begins our story.

Sandinista walks out of class and out of school and promptly goes and appies for a job at a second-hand store, which she gets on the spot. She has no intentions of going back to school, but every intention of getting revenge on the teacher who did this to her. (and who has been doing this to another girl in the class who is mentally challenged). Sandinista feels she has to stick up for the girl, Alecia, as well as for herself.

The day Sandinista walks out of school and applies for the job she walks into a thrift store of sorts and comes across a case full of handguns. She is so enthralled with these handguns that it actually shocks her. But what comes next really upset me and was so unrealistic. I would have to say this one thing is what prevented me from giving this book 5 stars. Probably because I come from a home where my husband collects guns and is very big of the safety of them.

Sandinista begins fantasizing of ways to get revenge and this takes up all of her days. No matter what she is doing she cannot seem to stop thinking about it. I would say she is a little obsessed. Her thoughts are kind of scary and Columbine is mentioned briefly in the story.

Besides for obsession with the teacher, she is also making a friend at the store she works at. Bradley. I really loved the friendship the two of them have. It is instantaneous and real. They get each other and Bradley is oh, so fun. Something Sandinista needs to take her mind off of things.

During the course of the week we follow Sandinista around with her day to day things. The thoughts in her head and the fantasies in her mind. Bradley and her discover so many things about themselves and each other.

I love the store that she works in and I love her sense of style. That really added to the book. I liked that the book was raw on the way she was feeling. Still trying to cope with the loss of her mother and then the incident that happened at school. She is feeling so many different things, but still trying to remain strong, tough. I like that it takes place over a week and in that week you are introduced to a quite a few different characters who are so well liked. I really wish I knew people like that. You see how her relationships with these characters develope and the inpact it has on her.

There is so much in this book. The meaning is so deep and the author executed this story perfectly.

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