Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WHAT LIES BENEATH by Richard Denney

For those of you who do not know who Richard Denney, he is a self published author who is well known in the book community on You Tube and on Goodreads.

I have read two of his books so far and I really enjoyed them. He seems to always be churning out a book. All of his books are fairly short but still pack a lot.

You can find his books on Amazon.

Below is what Richard had to say about the latest book of his that he has written: What Lies Beneath.

"I'm coming to you all today to introduce my new book "What Lies Beneath" to my awesome readers. What Lies Beneath came to me unexpectedly. I didn't set out to write a thriller and I sure enough didn't think it would become a trilogy. The story unfolds with seventeen year old Blair Lewis in the hospital with minor injuries to her body, but severe injuries to her life. She doesn't remember what happened before Dylan lost it and nearly drowned her. But she wants to know why more than anyone. Soon it becomes clear that someone is stalking her and attempting to make her lose her sanity over what is going on. Can she figure out who or what is after her? and what do you do when you feel you like your losing it? and most importantly, who do you turn to when there is no one left to trust?

Let's talk about the book cover!
Now, my friend pointed out that it resembles The unbecoming of mara dyer and I can sort of see it in the cover, but the cover resembles the story perfectly. It's a girl drowning and that is what happens to Blair. The drowning on the cover also shows how Blair feels. She feels she can't trust anyone and she feels like she's drowning in life. I'm not trying to copy the Mara Dyer cover in fact most of you know I really did not enjoy that book, but I am in no way mooching off of it. I wanted to clear this up so that if I do get bashed on it, this blog post will be here to silence the bashers. I think a lot of YA book covers look similar and some even use the same image. I adore the cover, I hope you do too.

While I researched a few things for this book, I scared myself with a few subjects that I tapped into. Such as psychological thrillers, and people who suffer from paranoia and depression. I personally think I did a great job with the first book and I'm already writing the second in the trilogy. I hope you enjoy this novella and I can't wait to see all your reviews, good or bad. :)

I will announce the official release date soon. Sooner than you think."

I think this is a gorgeous cover! I like how the knees are the focal point of it. I am really excited for this book to come out because it sounds so good!

So if you haven't read any of Richard's books you should go and get one or more and read them....You won't be disappointed.

(most of his books are YA, but some are MG)

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