Friday, January 20, 2012

Please have Daniel Osborn in your thoughts and Prayers

UPDATE: 1-20-12

Daniel went back to the James Center today at the Ohio State University and got blood drawn and another cat scan on his chest area. They saw some unusual blood cell formation in his lungs and wanted to take a closer look and it was supposed to be a three hour cat scan which only ended up being a 30 minute cat scan. So hopefully that is good news that it's nothing to be worrying about. He will get the results on Monday of those tests.

UPDATE: 1-17-12

Daniel will be going to the James Center again at the Ohio State University on the 24th for some preliminary blood testing and than the 26th will be his surgery. He is planning an update video tonight. He will also post updates through his blog at

A fellow You Tuber, Daniel Osborn or danoz430254, as he is known on You Tube, just sent me a message today letting me and a bunch of other people know that he was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer today.

He went to the doctor about a week or two ago because his neck was swollen and he got a Cat Scan done and then a MRI and a biopsy and the this is what the results came back.

He is going to another hospital tomorrow to find out some more and get the details of his surgery. They have found it early so that is a very good thing!

Danny has been on You Tube since 2006, but has only started making videos 10 months ago. Since then though he has uploaded 83 videos.

Danny is a very kind guy and I love to watch his videos. If you can please send your thoughts and prayers his way we would be forever grateful!

Prayer works best when there are a bunch of people behind it, so please find some time to send out a quick one or a longer one for Danny.

Thank you and I hope everyone has a Blessed day!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was so shocked to read Daniel's email this morning, but am so glad that it's early and looks good. I think I'll light a candle for him.